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Itt add meg az alcímet

My story
In 2018, I joined DXN, that is a marketing leader company in manufacturing and selling ganoderma-based coffee, nutritional supplements, beverages and more recently cosmetics. I always wanted to build a great online network, run a team and motivate people and work from home. Because of my education, I feel my personal mission is to motivate people to develop a healthier lifestyle and to consume and recommend healthy products. I have found this option in ganoderma-based products from DXN.

Are they good or just a commercial catch?

Itt add meg az alcímet

The positive effects of the products have been clinically proven by Japanese researchers, the most important of them are:
- optimalize blood pressure 
-in many cases, it eliminated headaches and increased concentration
-we took a smiling farewell to reflux
-Highly detoxifying effects and combining with Lion Fungus to eliminate oedema
-decreased the size of tumours in case of patients
- during the day we felt ourselves fresher and better

This is a legitimate question, because there are many companies with millions of products and advertisements, commercials on the internet, and people rarely have an open minded view about trying a new product.

I've always liked judging things based on my own experience, but there is no a single person living on our planet who tries every products. Its just simply impossible.

That's why prudence is important, whatever we buy, we always have to make decisions by ourselves. My starting point is that people never buy something they are dissatisfied with on a regular basis, or they simply do not work in any way.

Many people never try anything, but they immediately write negative reviews, and usually withour a real reason. 

Furthermore, I want to talk about the effects of Ganoderma, which is based on my own experience and also on my consumers.

Its also important to note, taking one or  two pills wont bring the desired results, but after a months several positive symptoms will be  detectible.

In this video, Dr Lim, who is a president of DXN company will talk about the positive side effects of consuming ganoderm based products.

Are DXN and ganoderm coffee really good?

When I started selling DXN products, of course, I also read about the experiences and opinions about DXN and coffee.

Unfortunately, many of the negative reviews and comments came from people who have never tried DXN's products, so actually they have no right to form criticism.

Below, I will write to you about my own experiences, which are completely independent of my work:

-DXN is a stable MLM company headquartered in Malaysia, and focuses on manufacturing and selling nutritional supplements, beverages and cosmetics. Basically, Malaysian and Korean companies have the specialty of testing their products without animal testing, producing them naturally and / or without preservatives or containing only natural additives.

Coffee is something that most people never forget to drink every day, but many people don't think about what they actually drink. However, many Instant coffee powders are available in the supermarket store usually contain a lot of colorings, sugars and industrial milk powder, and the origin of the ingredients is not verified.

Although I only rarely drink coffee, but DXN ganoderm coffee is basically good, though the company sells different flavored products, the difference is more in the quality - ganoder coffee does not acidify, increase blood pressure or cause headaches. In terms of products, however, they contain less than one percent of ganoderm.

Last year's big favorite, Maca Vita Café, contains ginseng, maca powder and ganoderma, the DXN coffee with the most special aroma.

Health, Wealth, Success

A healthy lifestyle is the key to success...

A lot of people want to get an answer to the question of how to achieve a happy, harmonic and financially independent life.

Well, according to the rules of a healthy lifestyle will greatly help you to create a better, happier life, even financially with more freedom. Remember, every start is difficult, but the outcome is almost always decisive.

Here are some tips for a healthy lifestyle

- Plenty of Vegetables, Fruits: It's important to refresh your body daily with fresh fruits, vitamins, and energy. Here I would also take this opportunity to tell you that most successful people use a vegetarian diet - if you exercise regularly, it also takeyou closer to success: you will improve your blood circulation, your metabolism will be faster, you will be mentally and physically fit, and you will be more motivated to develop new ideas and problems to solve

- take meditation serious: it is important to get to know yourself and reduce your stress today

- green tea: I have already drawn attention to the consumption of green tea. Antioxidant source, anti-aging, slightly sedative, provides mental well-being

-Participation in self-development programs: This allows you to develop your personality so that you become a person with greater self-esteem and self-esteem, who is fighting for your goals, for yourself, and for others. For those he loves.

-Making a morning routine: If you do not have any morning routine, you are only  waking up lately and running to your workplace, then your whole day is doomed to failure. It is very important to have a breakfast schedule, and almost all successful and wealthy people practice self-improvement and morning routine. A couple of good habits: put your bed together (it's about 2 minutes), drink a good cup of hot tea and smile, then meditate for a while, and think about your day for 5 minutes and have a good healthy breakfast. Consuming citrus fruits (such as oranges, pomelo, lemons) is very refreshing and can help you wake up in the morning.

-the sleep: at least two days a week is worth choosing when you can sleep 1-2 hours longer, giving your body a chance for full regeneration